French Press

October 17, 2017
  1. Measure out 26g of fresh roasted Balzac’s coffee and grind with a medium to coarse grind. This can change over time as you begin to figure out your preference according to taste.
  2. Set your Espro press on top of your scale; add your coffee into the press and set the scale to zero while also readying your timer.
  3. Using water that is 195-200 degrees F, start your timer and pour into the press until you measure 390g. The press will look very full because of the bloom, which is the coffee releasing gas forming a bubbly crust at the top of the press. Fear not!
  4. Let this steep for 4 minutes; once the time is up, take a spoon and stir the crust. This will cause the grinds to fall to the bottom of the press. If you want to go a step further, take your spoon and scoop out the foam sitting on top of the coffee. This will give greater clarity to the coffee when you drink it but is not totally necessary.
  5. Once you’ve stirred your coffee, let it sit for another 3 minutes. This will allow it to cool off to a more pleasant drinking temperature, as well as allow any floating particles to find their way to the bottom of the press.
  6. Finally, place the plunger into the main body of the press and gently begin to press down. Press slowly until the plunger can go no further. Let the coffee cool for a few minutes while you tidy up, then sit back and enjoy!