October 17, 2017
  1. Measure out 45g of fresh roasted Balzac’s coffee and grind with a medium to coarse grind. This can change over time as you begin to figure out your preference according to taste.
  2. Place your Chemex on top of your scale and place the filter inside; rinse out the filter with hot water. This helps to prevent “paper flavour” going into your coffee and also heats up the Chemex before you start to brew.
  3. Pour out the extra water inside the Chemex and add your coffee into the filter. Set your scale to zero and ready your timer.
  4. Using water that is 195-200 degrees F, start your timer and begin pouring into the Chemex. Pour 75-100g of water initially and stop; this will allow the coffee to bloom and de-gas before you continue. Try to pour around the Chemex in circles to create an even bed of coffee and steady extraction.
  5. Once the bloom has stopped (it will literally stop expanding outward) begin your second pour, this time aiming to pour 200g of water bringing the total to about 300g. Let the coffee drip through the filter until around 2 minutes.
  6. Pour another 200g of water into the Chemex bringing your total to about 500g; let this drip until 3:30.
  7. Pour another 175g of water into the Chemex bring your total to 675g, let this drip and finish around 5 minutes’ total time.
  8. Let the coffee cool for a few minutes while you tidy up, then sit back and enjoy!